Dual Zone Thermostat Wiring Diagram


Dual Zone Thermostat Wiring Diagram - This thermostat wiring diagram is a split system these split systems include an air conditioner with a gas furnace oil furnace or electric furnace furthermore the wires going to the condensing unit are shown in red and white however these colors can be different. Thermostat wiring diagrams hvac control far differently than air conditioning and the manufacturer the thermostat can be a dual heat pump thermostat the boiler however it could also control a zone valve if you have a zoning system. If both zone thermostats call for heating or cooling the d ers in both d er field wiring spare 3a are required refer to the special wiring diagram in the. Panel that all zone d ers zone thermostats hvac equipment controls power wiring diagram 2 heat pump thermostat wiring diagram 3. Zone thermostats zone d er motors and hvac equipment wire leaving air mounted in supply air duct s1 mmz3 wiring diagram 2.

Dual Zone Thermostat Wiring Diagram - 3 1 zone. However some zoned systems that require thermostat d er control aren t patible with nest thermostats while other zoned systems may need a c or. Install thermostats using instructions provided with thermostats use the following diagram for wiring a 2 heat 1 cool heat pump with electric auxiliary heat. And 150 f 2 use vibration isolators flex connectors on zone d ers and ductwork to minimize noise install zone perfect two zone in an area with a temperature range 13 electronic non programmable thermostat wiring diagrams.

Dual Zone Thermostat Wiring Diagram -

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